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A few years ago a friend and I were having a couple of drinks and decided Mind of a Menace (MO ɅM) was a great brand for a range of clothing for everyone from toddlers to the young at heart! The age group didn’t matter – it was aimed at the kind of person who is always the first to try something out, first to explore, to have fun, take risks, to party……but always to stand out.

So what next? …. Our research showed that a lot of Men’s T -shirts quite often carried a high price tag to advertise top brands and didn’t always offer quality, so that’s where we decided to start. As with most new labels, you launch with a limited budget so we’re starting with a small number of menswear signature items, offering premium quality, at a fair price!

Our T shirts are not mass made or a re-brand of another manufacturers product but are a special blend, made to order. Customers are already telling us that it’s the feel of the material next to their skin that makes this a top buy, but the material also allows the garment to hang well, need very little maintenance and last. We also hope you like the silver metal tag bearing the logo MOɅM that’s stitched to the product in red.

Going to a Rugby match, night out, gym? – the garment will stand up to any competition from those pricey high street brands. You’ll never feel under dressed in our clothes when you stand among other designer labels - and they will have a realistic price tag!

If you like our product, I hope you’ll let us know. If you have improvements or suggestions, please let us know. As the brand sells, we will introduce more ranges via our holding company ‘GaBtar Clothing’ so please help us to grow the brand.

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