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About Surfing Heads


Turning heads with stylish surfer style, Surfing Heads is a brand of sportswear portraying the infamous living statues of Easter Island. Each design depicts a different character in the Rapa Nui language

Setting out with a goal to create stylish beachwear with variety, Surfing Heads uses their experience, understanding and passion for surfing and the surfing community to produce an iconic range of men’s T-shirts inspired by the sport and lifestyle they love.

Surfing Heads combines the quirkiness of the surfer with trendsetting street style captured by the brands creativity.

Creating a range of high quality T-shirts in a variety of styles and designs, Surfing Heads designs high quality beachwear for those that believe luxury doesn’t have to end when you hit the sand.

Manufactured from the highest quality fabrics to guarantee durability and the ultimate in comfort for beach fashion, the Surfing Heads range feature the iconic ‘surfing dude’ characters the line traces its name to, with a variety of Polynesian surfing dude statues. Ensuring the T-shirts look as good as they perform, the Surfing Heads line sports iconic surfer style with a Polynesian twist, with bold artwork, vibrant hues, and an attention to detail unparalleled by other beachwear competitors.

Now a necessity for any stylish beachwear lover, Surfing Heads is for those that like to live an active lifestyle, with bold motifs, seafront styling, and distinctive colours allowing each wearer to look equally at home both on the beach or on the street for a truly versatile T-shirt.

Surfing Heads finds its authenticity in its innovative designs, allowing wearers to show their appreciation of the world we live in.

Follow the collection as it expands to becomes an iconic staple for every beach lover with style.

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